May 9, 2011

IGN discusses in detail the first Skyrim gameplay trailer

IGN's Rewind Theater takes a closer look at the first gameplay trailer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Let's hear what their editors have to say about the upcoming game: their insights, some expectations and small details you failed to notice in the first official gameplay trailer.

I watched the entire video and took notes of what the IGN editors had to say. The important details are summarized below:
  • Skyrim is set 200 years after the events in Oblivion
  • stone mural (Alduin's Wall) tells the most important events in the Elder Scrolls series, leading up to what happens in Skyrim
  • multiple dragons in the stone mural, with one major dragon. All signs point to him being reborn, along with other dragons coming back to terrorize Tamriel
  • the playable character will be a Dovahkin or Dragonborn as told in the mural, one of the last remaining
  • the plot revolves around the murder of the King of Skyrim and a problem with succession to the throne
  • spell effects in-game can affect the environment like fireballs setting fire on the ground
  • helmet worn by the hero in the trailer is different from any of those seen in the past Elder Scrolls games
  • the Dragonborn will have special powers (shouts) that are effective vs dragons. These powers will allow the player to slow down time or call dragons to his aid.
  • there will be 5 major cities in Skyrim, one of which is a big port city where the famous bard's college is located
  • there will be horses in the game, as seen in the official trailer
  • One scene in the gameplay trailer shows an important place in the game: a thousand steps (or stairs) leading up to the highest peak in Skyrim(the place) which is a sacred place
  • there will be dragon fights and new monsters like giants.
  • there will be finishing moves specific to your weapon type
  • the special alchemical ingredient Nirnroot is seen in the video
  • the hero absorbs the dragon's essence or powers after he kills it
Keep in mind that the commentary was made for the first gameplay trailer released by Bethesda, when little information about the game was available so any info here could be outdated or wrong by the time the game is officially released.

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