December 1, 2011

Spawn a Dragon in Skyrim

In the PC version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can use a console command to spawn a dragon. You DO know that, don't you?

console command to spawn a dragon in Skyrim

Now you do! To use this command on the PC version of Skyrim, open up the console by pressing the tilde key(~) on your keyboard. Then type the following code and press enter.

player.placeatme [code] [quantity]

Replace [code] with one of the dragon codes below. Replace [number] with the number of dragons you want to spawn. So for example you want to spawn three Blood Dragons with Dragon Souls, type:

player.placeatme F77F8 3

Dragon Codes:
  • Dragon (with soul): EAFB4
  • Dragon, Blood (with soul): F77F8
  • Dragon, Blood (no soul): F8118
  • Dragon, Elder (with soul): F811A
  • Dragon, Elder (no soul): 000FEA9B
  • Dragon, Frost (with soul) 0010FEEC

To quickly retype the last code, press the "Up" button(cursor) on your keyboard. Spawn as many dragons as you like or as your PC can handle. This is how to spawn an unlimited number of dragons.

This is cheating and can get you BANNED from playing Skyrim ever again. Just kidding. Remember that using this trick may have unseen consequences like messed-up achievements, instant death and carnage in your neighborhood.

If you're wondering how many dragons flying around looks like and you do not have a top-of-the-line PC, here's a video of Skyrim with 50 spawned Elder Dragons in Riverwood.


  1. Now I can spawn 1000000 dragons at riverwood it is awesome

  2. This was informative, nice way to shake up a quiet town.

  3. mine can only handle spawning two at a time, but once they start flying i can spawn more.

  4. Thank you! THIS IS EPIC! I have a mod that lets me be a werewolf(Look it up in workshop if u want it) and now I can go godmode, spawn a dragon, and then have an epic battle!!!

    1. Um. You can be a werewolf without any mods, bro.

    2. you can be a werewolf without mods

    3. you can be a werewolf with out mods

  5. i spawned 50 and my game crashed. C:

  6. I tried to spawn 100 hahahaha let's just say my game crashed

  7. I tried to spawn 100 hahahaha let's just say my game crashed