December 2, 2011

Beautiful Skyrim screenshots at Dead End Thrills

blood dragon attacking the dovahkiin

Look at these Skyrim screenshots from Dead End Thrills. They're not your ordinary screenshots; they're picture perfect and of wallpaper quality. This is how Skyrim is meant to be played -- looking this good.

Reading the descriptions of these screenshots at Dead End Thrills, it looks like you can't achieve this high quality no matter how hard you try tweaking the options in the settings. (And we're still waiting for Bethesda to release HD textures for the PC version) Duncan had to use several tricks to get these desired results: using console commands, editing INI files, using mods and even using edited EXEs (?).

Just a list of in-game console commands he uses. To know more Skyrim tweaks he uses, read here. He details some Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini settings there.

  • tfc : short for Toggle Free Camera, unlocks the camera from your player and works in first- and thirdperson. 
  • tfc 1 : toggles the free camera but also freezes the action. 
  • fov [value] : adjusts the game’s field of view. 
  • sgtm [value] : adjust the game’s global time modifier for slow-motion, etc. 
  • help [search string] 0 : finds console commands and item IDs matching the search criteria.
  • player.placeatme [item ID] [quantity] : spawns the specified object or NPC at your location. Note: you can use this to spawn a dragon.
  • tai : click on a creature or NPC and then use this to disable its AI, freezing its pose. 
  • tcl : toggles the game’s clipping, letting you reach unreachable places.
Dead End Thrills Flickr Photostream - every screenshot Duncan Harris captures including those from other games

Duncan Harris interview by Kotaku

Here are some of my favorites:

Smoke on the Water

a beautiful stream in skyrim

We Own the Sky
dragonborn at the ridge of a mountain

Here be Dragons
pack of 3 dragons flying

a dragon breathing fire into the dragonborn

With Friends Like These...
female dragonborn with 2 summoned sabertooth tigers

Peak Time
edge of a cliff

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