November 21, 2011

Penny Arcade comic strips about Skyrim

You know a video game is big if it gets a Penny Arcade comic strip. Skyrim is BIG.

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Nuff said. Here are the Penny Arcade comic strips about Skyrim. I will be adding more as they come...

Their Name Means Big (Nov 9, 2011)

Penny Arcade Skyrim comic strip - Nov 09, 2011

After killing your first dragon in Skyrim, you might feel like a real bad-ass.
After killing your second dragon, you may feel like an unstoppable God-King made flesh.
A word of advice? These giants do not give a sh*t how many dragons you've killed.
Leave their mammoths alone.

Thulsa Broom (Nov 14, 2011)

Penny Arcade Skyrim comic strip - Nov 14, 2011

Tycho: You don't need to pick up everything in an Elder Scrolls game. You just don't. You don't! Stop. Put it down.
Gabe: If you can pick it up, you probably need it! That's how videogames work.
Tycho: I understand that, to a point. Here's where we diverge: you are carrying two hundred and seventy pounds of brooms.
Gabe: Man, I don't want to get to the f*cking Broom Dungeon, and be, like, "Why didn't I pick up all those brooms?"

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  1. Brooms actually do have a use. You can turn them into rather powerful staves using the Atrinoch forge.