June 2, 2011

Inside Bethesda Game Studios, a tour with Todd Howard

Game Director Todd Howard takes us on a tour inside Bethesda's new studio in Rockville, Maryland.

Inside Bethesda Game Studios, a tour

You'll find there exactly what you would expect from the designers themselves - tons and tons of Elder Scrolls related stuff. It's their biggest franchise so I'd bet much of their resources goes into its development. Besides, RAGE and Brink are already out in the market.

The other big game is Fallout 3. In the video, you could see a lot of Fallout 3 - related merchandise also.

Watch the video at Game Informer.

Here are some of what you will find inside the Bethesda Game Studios, as seen in this video tour:

  • full-size model of the Brotherhood Power Armor seen at the cover art for Fallout 3
  • a replica of the laser rifle in Fallout 3 made by a fan
  • a replica of the PipBoy
  • an old Compaq Presario playing old Bethesda games like Arena
  • a recording studio
  • screening room
  • fitness center
  • the Fallout lady used in the marketing of the game was also used in Indiana Jones as a prop
  • a theater with a capacity of about 150 people
  • a Gauntlet II arcade machine Todd bought in 1995
  • Kenny McDonald is a chef who has been in Bethesda for 15 years

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