December 25, 2011

Happy Skyrim Holidays!

Happy Skyrim Holidays Dovahkiins!

Santa's dragon sleigh

Steam is offering TES V: Skyrim today for only $40.19. Grab it now!

Merry Skyrim Christmas or Happy Skyrim Holidays, whatever you prefer! The image showing a dragon pulling Santa's sleigh was posted on the Facebook Elder Scrolls page. Neat! Santa must be having a wild, fiery Christmas ride! Spare them dragons even if only for one day will ya? They do make the kids happy on Christmas day.

Also, check out Steam's deal for today. Skyrim for only $40.19! That's 1/3 or 33% off of the regular $59.99 price. This is the best deal you could ever get for this GOTY-winning game.

Skyrim $40 Holiday Steam sale

Me, I got my Skyrim for around $43 which is the regular price here so it's not too big a discount for me.

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