December 27, 2011

Skyrim Holiday Mods

Santa Dovahkiin

I guess it's not too late to post something about the Holiday Season. This is a collection of Skyrim Christmas Mods to keep the spirit of the holiday season high while playing Skyrim.

I've read some of them at GameSpy but I added some from Skyrim Nexus below.

Santa Claus Skyrim

This mod changes the colors of the Fine Clothes outfit into that of Santa. It even changes the Dragon Shout "FUS RO DAH" into the familiar "HO HO HO" of Santa Claus.

festive armor

Replaces the jester armor texture and steel shield texture

festive weapon

Works well with festive armor.  Replaces Akaviri Katana, glass dagger and Hunting bow/ steel arrows! A retexture for the festive season!

The famous Santa Hat in Ebony Mail, Daedric boots, ebony Gauntlets, And Spellbreaker flavors.

Christmas elf costume

Christmas Elf Costume; a retexture of the Jester sets.

Nicer Snowflakes Skyrim mod

Better-looking, high-res snowflakes improve the experience in snowy regions all-year-round and not just during Christmas. There are four types to choose from.

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